The Affordable Healthcare Network: Connecting Doctors and Patients

The current U.S. healthcare marketplace is fraught with difficulties for both doctors and patients alike. Millions of patients are burdened with high deductible healthcare plans and unmanageable treatment costs, while many physicians and providers struggle to fill schedules and balance providing a high quality of patient care with running a profitable business. The Affordable Healthcare Network offers an exciting new solution to these problems, connecting patients looking for affordable care with providers willing to reduce prices to ensure patients receive the treatment they require and deserve. 

On average, each American makes three physician visits every year, totaling more than 922 million visits annually across the country.  Despite this, concerns over the financial impact of seeking treatment often deter patients from seeking necessary healthcare. Almost three in every ten (28%) patients surveyed by Harris Poll on behalf of the Physicians Foundation admitted skipping a medical test, treatment or follow-up visit to the doctor in the preceding 12 months due to concerns over the cost. This worrying trend can adversely affect patient care and compromises the health of many people across the U.S., as patients look to save money by postponing or forgoing medical care. 

Into this environment enters the Affordable Healthcare Network. Doctors and providers sign up for free and offer services at reduced rates, ensuring schedules are filled and that healthcare is accessible to all who require it. The Affordable Healthcare Network works with board-certified, licensed, accredited and experienced healthcare providers, all of whom are dedicated to achieving optimal health in patients, regardless of their financial status. 

The Affordable Healthcare Network has an extensive range of healthcare providers signed up in a variety of different fields and specialties, including general practitioners, medical imaging, lab work, dentistry, telemedicine, pharmacy, pain treatment, podiatry, balance and fall prevention, and women's care. A dedicated mobile app empowers patients, making it easy for them to instantly check nearby providers and prices, and to schedule an appointment with their chosen specialist. 

Providers on the Affordable Healthcare Network are not part of a network dictated by insurance. Instead, the network runs according to the needs of patients requiring the services of healthcare providers with an understanding of the current state of U.S. healthcare. Doctors and physicians who sign up become an integral part of a network advocating the belief that every patient should have access to healthcare, whether they struggle with a high-deductible insurance plan or manage without cover. 

By cutting out health insurance companies, doctors and providers work directly with patients, receive a cash payment for their services and enjoy a reduction in the paperwork and bureaucracy associated with working with insurance firms and debt recovery. Patients gain access to affordable care with transparent pricing, all of which is provided by doctors whose focus is on providing a high standard of patient care at a manageable price. 

For more information or to sign up as a provider for the Affordable Healthcare Network, click here.